Pro-G2i is committed to a policy of respecting and maintaining high standards in terms of ethics and in particular the protection of personal data.

Within the framework of its business relationships and its activity, Pro-G2i is brought to collect and process the personal data of its partners (suppliers, service providers, business partners and customers) as well as, more generally, that of any natural person coming into contact with it or using the services it offers.

Anxious to promote innovation while building a lasting relationship of trust based on mutual respect and the sharing of responsible social values, Pro-G2i has put in place the technical and organizational means necessary to protect the personal data that.

The purpose of this policy is to present the commitments made by Pro-G2i with regard to the protection of Personal data.

Which may change depending on the applicable legal and regulatory context.

1 / A legitimate and proportionate use
When Pro-G2i is required to process data, it does so for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes.

The purpose of collecting personal data can therefore be:

Management of contracts and relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners of Pro-G2i ;
Managing exchanges with consumers or Pro-G2i partners in the context of complaints or requests addressed to it.
For each treatment, Pro-G2i undertakes to collect and process only data strictly necessary for objective pursued.

2 / A fair and transparent collection.

In a concern for transparency vis-à-vis its partners and consumers, Pro-G2i takes care to inform the people concerned of each treatment that it implements.

3 / Access to the framed data.

The personal data it processes are thus transmitted only to the authorized persons within Pro-G2i.

4 / A limited retention period.

Respectful of the right to be forgotten, Pro- G2i retains the personal data it collects only for the time necessary for the purposes of the processing and in accordance with applicable law.

5 / Ensured security.

Pro-G2i attaches particular importance to the security of personal data.

It has put in place technical and organizational measures adapted to the degree of sensitivity of personal data, with a view to ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the data and to protecting it against any malicious intrusion, any loss, alteration or disclosure. to unauthorized third parties.

When using a service provider, Pro-G2i only communicates personal data to it after having imposed compliance with these security principles.

6 / An approach open to other.

Pro-G2i has implemented the measures necessary to be able to respond to requests for access, rectification, opposition and portability in relation to all the personal data of the persons concerned as well as the right to formulate specific and general directives concerning storage , erasure and communication of its post-mortem data.

In the event of opposition to the processing, Pro-G2i will no longer process the data unless there are legitimate and compelling reasons prevailing over the interests and rights and freedoms of the data subject, or for the establishment, exercise or defending legal rights.

These rights can be exercised with the data protection officer of Pro-G2i by email at or by mail accompanied by a copy of an identity document signed at the following address:

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